Hello! I’m Photo-coco

I’d love to guide you to personal magic in photography

I’ll take you along two paths in a non-technical zone of photography:

1 Being in seeing

The most magical path is the way of clear perception.
You’ll find extraordinary beauty in ordinary things, as if seeing with new eyes.

2 Playing

Along this path of creative imagination you are the magician, conceiving and creating new images.

Either way, you’ll connect your outside world to your inner experiences.
As you go along you’ll develop your own unique visual language and make be-you-tiful pictures.

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Your perception in the picture

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Online special: Now here

Are you living away from your home country or region?
Would you love to feel more connected to where you are right now?
Check out this fun online Photo-coco program, developed especially for you!

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Photo-coco works and plays worldwide

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